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Hello, I'm @JesseJetSky

I've been a professional game developer for about 15 years. I've recently gone rogue to work on independent projects, but I sometimes offer creative consulting, so feel free to reach out if you're interested.


Creative Director, June 2019 - June 2022

I was employee #2 at Archetype Entertainment, a startup video game studio operating as a subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast. Our goal from the beginning was to build an epic roleplaying game in a brand new science fiction setting.

  • Shaped initial direction for the project, including studio name, logo, values, website, and creative processes.

  • Art directed the project for the first 18 months, including early hiring, team management, and concept direction.

  • Managed writing team, story director, audio director, cinematic director, and narrative design.

  • Directed the vision for pre-production game prototypes, showcasing gameplay and cinematics.

  • Designed core narrative systems: conversation tool, quest system, and other IP-specific innovations.

  • Authored highly-polished IP vision, game vision, story vision, and marketing strategy presentations.

  • Collaborated with Blur Studio on vision for story-driven trailers for the game.

  • Wrote and produced fully-illustrated 'coffee table books' for the IP and game visions:

    • Concept Primer, 80 pages (2019)

    • Setting Bible, 42 pages (2020)

    • Content Bible, 400 pages (2022)


Co-Founder, May 2018 - January 2020

I partnered with James Ohlen to create Arcanum Worlds, an RPG book publishing venture.

Odyssey of the Dragonlords

  • Co-authored the 480-page adventure book, including final editing and organization.

  • Wrote the initial treatments for the story, history, and world of Thylea.

  • Designed major characters, cities, dungeons, magic items, story systems.

  • Ran the $450,000 Kickstarter campaign and marketed it across multiple social channels.

  • Created Kickstarter launch trailer and graphic designed campaign page.

  • Art directed the illustrations and worked closely with layout artist.
  • Wrote most of the 60-page player's handbook, and designed all player options.
    • Designed and tested 6 unique player race options.

    • Designed and tested 12 unique player class archetypes.

Heroes of Baldur's Gate

  • Edited and expanded on core manuscript.

  • Designed magic items, wrote additional lore and character quotes.

  • Final organization, map keys, and presentation polish for the book.

  • Created trailer for book release and product page.


Lead Designer / Creative Director, 2013 - 2015

After the launch of the SW:TOR, I assumed greater responsibilities over the project and ultimately owned the creative vision for numerous game updates and multiple major expansions. I was assigned business objectives and deadlines; beyond that I owned the strategy and worked closely with the team to develop new features and maintain a healthy live service.

Key Responsibilities

  • Establish the creative vision for new game updates and expansions.

  • Build detailed content production plans in Hansoft and work closely with production to execute.

  • Manage key creative talent, including the writing team and senior designers.

  • Focus test new features with players and drive iteration and polish.

Expansion: Knights of the Fallen Empire (2015)

  • Owned the creative vision for the expansion's story and characters.

  • Worked closely with Blur Studio on the story vision for the Sacrifice trailer.

  • Created production plan and oversaw development for the first nine episodes.​​

Game Update: Ziost (2014)

  • Oversaw development of Ziost story missions, daily area, and world boss.

Expansion: Shadow of Revan (2014)

  • Created production plan and oversaw development for two new planets, six flashpoints, and two operations.

  • Oversaw the development of the Discipline system which allowed us to expand the maximum level to 60.

  • Worked closely with marketing to produce trailer, key art, and other materials.

Expansion: Galactic Strongholds (2014)

  • Designed player housing system, including multiple planetary strongholds and guild capital ships.

  • Designed Galactic Conquest system to provide weekly incentives for guilds to compete to control planets.

  • Worked closely with Cartel Market team to design a feature that would satisfy business objectives.

  • Created itemization plan to incorporate new stronghold decorations into reward tracks across the game.

  • Wrote detailed design for the stronghold developer tools and player-facing stronghold systems.

Game Update: Oricon (2013)

  • Led development of two operations with ten new raid bosses and six difficulty modes: Dread Fortress & Dread Palace

  • Oversaw development of new daily mission area with cinematic story.

Game Update: Bounty Contract Week (2013)

  • Oversaw development of a new weekly event where players hunt for PvE bounties across the galaxy.

Game Update: Relics of the Gree (2013)

  • Oversaw development of a new rotating event where players investigate a mysterious Gree starship.

  • Wrote detailed design for new Galactic Reputation system and introduced mission reward previews.

Expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel (2013)

  • Led development of new operation with six new raid bosses and six difficulty modes: Scum and Villainy.

  • Oversaw a total rework of the game's leveling systems which allowed us to expand the maximum level to 55.

  • Inherited responsibility for the planet Makeb and oversaw significant rework before launch.

Game Update: Terror from Beyond (2012)

  • Led development of new operation with five new raid bosses and six difficulty modes: Terror from Beyond.

Game Update: Section X (2012)

  • Oversaw development of new daily mission area with unique rewards and world boss, Section X.

Game Update: Explosive Conflict (2012)

  • Led development of new operation with four new raid bosses and six difficulty modes: Explosive Conflict.

Senior Designer, 2007 - 2012

A few months after graduating from college, I was hired at BioWare Austin as an associate level designer. In my first year on the project, I established myself as a technical designer supporting the world team and worked closely with engineering to produce key tools and systems, as well as scripting standards for the design team. Before launch, my primary responsibility was leading the team that produced multiplayer story content.

Flashpoint Team Lead

  • Oversaw the development of 15 flashpoint missions with multiple difficulty modes for launch.

  • Planned and scripted all levels, oversaw the team's daily work, and performed script reviews on all bosses.

Technical Designer

  • Created detailed designs and worked closely with engineers on many core design systems and tools, including:

    • Hydra game scripting systems

    • Dynamic placeable system and tool

    • Quest spawning systems and tools

    • Phase systems and instancing systems

    • Encounter spawning system and tool

    • Difficulty scaling system for flashpoints

    • Improvements to Dojo combat tool

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